22 Mar
Santa Claus

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They called it Christmas. They made it a law to celebrate it on a certain day. A day that pagan’s had dedicated to the sun god.

A merger took place. The mother of God’s son was placed on a pedestal. Worshipped as though she too were God.

They created an amazing birth story. A story that didnt exist for centuries until it somehow found its way into their sacred book.

A book that they compiled and created themselves in order to manipulate people’s minds.

They created a man. They called him Santa Claus. Noone knows where he came from. All they know is that he’s a good guy because he brings presents.

He used to be green and white, till coca cola commercialised his image and he became red and white.

A gimmick, masquerading as a celebration of life. A life that when it was indeed alive preached against that life.

They changed his message. No point fighting when you can deceieve the enemy.

They said it was o.k. It was o.k. to sin. God would understand because that’s the way they’ve always been.

They created a face to displace the truth in every race…….and they called it grace.

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