23 Mar
Born Confused

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They called it grace. Sin didnt matter because God would always forgive as long as they believed.

They claimed that they were covered by the blood of another man and thus he had died in their place.

The man they claim died for them, said that all shall suffer for thier own sin. Yet they ignore it and teach something different. Something that would make them feel better about sin.

They created an excuse. It wasn’t they that sinned but sin that lived in them. When they stole they didn’t really steal, it was something else that made them do it. They couldn’t be blamed for something they didn’t do. Yet they point fingers at those they say did wrong.

They said they should confess. As long as they confess they will be forgiven. If they didn’t confess, they would burn in an eternal fire. That was the judgement for a man that was called a liar.

They said it was free. The place where God was, they could get there for free. A cheap cost for something so expensive.

They said that all it required was belief. Once they believed they would get there in the end. That’s all it took.

They confused a nation which neglected contemplation…….and they called it salvation.

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