25 Mar
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They called it heaven. Life’s destination. A place where people only with faith were allowed to be. People who had faith in the blood of a man which would take them there.

They failed to see that heaven is a relationship. Heaven the place is also heaven the person. A relationship between a father and his son. A relationship that begins here on earth; not an expectation of what is to come in the next life.

They failed to see that heaven can be reached here and now. They told them that the only way to get there was to die. They told them they needed to die, which was true…….but it was the wrong kind of death.

They told them death was when blood no longer flowed through their veins. They told them death was when they were no longer breathing.

They blinded them from seeing that they could be dead even though they were still alive. They deceived them into thinking death was something else.

They neglected to mention the contrast between having a relationship with God and not having one…..therin lies the difference between life and death.

They preached a gospel that emphasised physical gifts. Gifts that would make things better on earth. In the midst of strife and their neighbours getting stabbed with a knife. They preached a false doctrine……and they called it life.

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