27 Mar
Jesus upon the cross.

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They called it the cross. An idol meant to represent the coming of God’s son. An image that reflected a distorted picture. A glorified object that took the attention from what was most important.

They said that God’s son carried the cross so that they wouldnt have to. The same son who says they should take up “their own cross” and follow him. In the story itself he didnt carry the cross. Someone in the crowd was elected to carry it for him. If he didn’t carry the physical cross himself……the cross cannot be a piece of wood.

They missed the light and led them to a place of darkness. Some elements were accidental, others were undoubtedly on purpose. They knew that it was not in their interest to teach the truth. Money and control were a much better option.

They turned the cross into a celebration. They blended it with a tradition that had been in existence for centuries. They tricked them into worshipping the sun…… in the guise of the son.

They told them that his death was his greatest act for mankind. When the event was in worship of the god of nature. They deceived the world with bunnies, flowers and hot cross buns. An event that takes place on no particular date; because it has to correspond with a certain point when the sun is at its fullest.

They created a day to celebrate the death of a man…….and they called it Easter.

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