27 Mar
Easter 2010. Chocolate Bunny

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They called it Easter. A goddess known in the past as Ashteth or Ashtoreth. A goddess of nature. An egg representing the cocoon that carried her when she fell down to earth. Rabbits representing the fertility that she brought with her.

They placed a symbol of the cross on people’s foreheads, made from ashes. A day they called Ash Wednesday. Marking the entire world with a symbol that represents anything but what it stands for.

They had them all in the palm of their hands. The easiest way to control a man is if he doesnt know he is being controlled.

They knew they would be helpless because questions were forbidden. They know that those who had brains would listen without thinking. They knew that even though some would protest, over time generations would come to accept as the truth, what their ancestors had known to be a lie.

They shifted the day of worship to a day that was never what they say it is. A day that was dedicated to the sun. Sunday.

Sunday was moved and given an element that was never its own. They changed the sunday that was once known……and they called it the sabbath.

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