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Image by sheena bizarre via Flickr

When i was in primary school i was taught that there are two classes of animals. Wild animals and domestic animals. Wild animals could be found, you guessed it, in the wild; and domestic animals were a breed that lived in houses. At the time i never thought to ask how these domestic animals got into our houses, after all i knew many people with dogs and cats who lived in theirs so there was no need to question the normality. In fact it wasn’t until i walked into a supermarket and was faced with an entire section of dog and cat food that i began to ask if something had gone wrong.

Flashing back once again to my days in boarding school i remember being taken to Pedigree Chum, a leading producer of dog food owned by the Mars family. I was just as surprised as you probably are now to discover that the chocolate bar was actually named after real people, what a cool name! Ignoring that last comment and getting back to the trip, it was an enligtening affair, and one element that stuck with me is the vivid memory that at one point we were asked if we wanted to taste the dog food. Our initial laughter at this was silenced when we were abruptly informed that dog food is made with ingredients that human beings can eat; it just happens to look a bit less appetising.

Upon reflection, on the one hand i’m glad that dogs are not overly concerned about food presentation, who knows where we may be if that was the case, but on the other hand the prospect of dogs eating food that can be eaten by humans didn’t sit too well with me; especially with the knowledge that there are humans who currently have no food to eat.

Dog food was first introduced in 1860, meaning that for 1,860 years humans did not have to compete with dogs for food. Today Americans spend $41 billion a year on dogs, which is more than the gross domestic product of all but 64 countries in the world. It is worth noting that this figure doesn’t include the amount of money spent in the UK and other ‘dog friendly nations’, where a man’s best friend lives better than most men.

Earlier this year a Red Tibettan Mastiff was bought for £945,000, which to me is an abominable cost for a pet. Its value is based on the fact that there are only a few of the breed still in existence and as a result after its purchase was chauffeured to its new home with an escort of 30 black limousines.

You can probably tell at this point that i am not much of an animal lover. I have the same level of sympathy for dogs as i do for cows, pigs or any other animal that lands on my dinner plate, pardon me for being carnivorous. Come to think of it, if i was a cow i would be pretty offended at the fact that it is a “taboo” to eat a dog, but there is no objection to frying my beef!


Where did we go wrong?

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FASHION AND MUSIC – By: Miko Spinelli & Linton Clarke

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Cover of "The Pursuit of Happyness (Wides...

Cover via Amazon

I’m sure a lot of us have seen “the pursuit of happiness”. It’s a film with Will Smith and his son, where he plays a poor guy who basically has nothing and loses everything. He lost his wife, he lost his house, and at a point he even lost his shoe.

What interested me about the film though was how it ended. He had been chasing after this job with bull headed determination. From the films presentation, his life depended on him eventually getting that job in order to provide for his son and quit living in a way that could only be described as suffering. But like I said it was the end that I found interesting…..he got the job.

The pursuit of happiness was complete. He now had stability. He would be able to look after his son, and I guess the assumption is that he then lives happily ever after.

When I watched the film I couldn’t help but wonder the effect this would have on people. The entire film was a lie, yet at the same time it seemed so true.

In my short life I’ve learnt that the reason why deception is called deception, is because you don’t realise when you are being deceived. That’s what makes deception deceptive.

I see it like this. “Life is a lie”. Certainly what is commonly known as life is a lie. We have elevated things that have no value and given it a level of importance by deceiving each other. Every time I sit and think about the concept of money I just don’t understand it. It’s the biggest testament to the gullibility of the world. We have elevated a piece of paper and given it value when it is in fact useless. We lie to each other everyday when we say we need money to get food. The truth is money is what prevents us from getting food. In reality a piece of paper has no relationship with how the food is obtained.

The lie is so deep that when we want food, we don’t ask if the food is “available”, we ask if we have enough money to “afford” the food. Animals eat too right? I stand to be corrected, but there are very few animals I see in the wild that pay before they get food to eat. Maybe it’s because animals realise something that human beings don’t. When they are hungry…..they look for food. When human beings are hungry….we look for money.

It is this sort of backward logic that prevents us from seeing lies even when they are right in front of us. There is a lot to think about. Right from birth we teach our kids the lies we have learnt so well; a pursuit for happiness which can never be fulfilled. Ok so he got the job….what next? Ok so they lived happily ever after….what exactly does that mean?

Check out this new and improved toothpaste…..but hang on, I thought the last one was new and improved. You mean this one is newer and more improved? If something that means something today can mean nothing tomorrow…..does it really have value?

Maybe….just maybe…..we are being deceived.

We live with such a superficial perspective that we have quite literally blinded ourselves to the things that are important. As a child I placed a lot of value in bottle tops because I used them to play table soccer. Some kids place a lot of value in action figures, teddy bears and a whole bunch of stuff. When kids grow to adults nothing changes. The only difference is the toys become a bit more expensive. The things of old suddenly lose value and there’s something else that “becomes” more valuable.

Can you live without a mobile phone? Stupid question right? Yet surprisingly I dare say more people will say that they “cant” as opposed to they can. 20 years ago mobile phones barely existed. What were we doing then? How were humans as a race surviving?……its just another lie.

I used to think I could never do without watching TV. So I decided to give it up for a while. After a month of the lack of television it became evident to me that TV was just a waste of time. Don’t get me wrong, im not prescribing something against watching TV. Im just emphasizing the fact that I thought the only way I could keep myself entertained was if there was a TV somewhere; turns out it was a lie.

I haven’t watched an entire football match this year. It can be slightly unnerving in certain circles when everyone is talking football and I really don’t know what’s going on. Its not that I don’t like football as a sport; but I just don’t give in to the level of importance that the world seems to place on it.

I mean, these guys are getting paid thousands of pounds to kick a ball made out of leather. Maybe if I rephrased it it would be put more in perspective. These guys are getting paid thousands of pounds to kick a ball made out of leather! Ok so maybe there’s no need to rephrase it. To me its just, a tad bit strange.

I have friends that live in Nigeria who get genuinely depressed when Arsenal loses. They aren’t even from England yet they get so affected. Some people go as far as committing suicide because they are convinced that if their team has a losing streak, life isn’t worth living anymore.

Is it just me that thinks it’s a bit weird to have a world that values a footballer over a teacher or doctor? Perhaps it’s better to overlook specifics and focus more on the root.

We are being lied to.

Once we realise the extent to which life itself is a lie, our priorities and values are suddenly brought into question.

Is life really all about the pursuit for happiness? Is life really all about getting a job, making some money and having a family?

Does an Olympic gold medal really have any value?……or does mankind simply enjoy living in the deception that we have cleverly created for ourselves?

It’s a serious issue. The world is designed in such a way that it is so easy to never see “life”……simply because we are caught up in life. We have no idea how to relate with God, because our entire focus, thoughts and preoccupations are oriented towards achieving things that are worthless.

We no longer know what has value. We think that happiness has value. That is why we spend what we call life,seeking for things that never bring satisfaction.




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Image by something.from.nancy via Flickr

Willow Smith is 11 years old, and on that note it would be fair to say that she is still under the influence of the people around her.

So far she has come up with 2 singles, both of which when scrutinised seem to have an underlining meaning, which for now we will not attribute to her, but to the people in charge of producing her records.

WIllow Smith is currently signed to Jay Z‘s record label “Roc Nation”, which includes the likes of J.Cole and Rihanna. For those who pay close attention to Jay Z’s music, you will notice a familiar pattern in the message that he presents and the symbolic images he seems eager to portray in his videos.

The jury is still out on the direction that Willow Smith will go in, but if one is to base anything on the two singles she has released i think now would be the time to begin blowing the whistle.

To a certain degree i was willing to remain optimistic when she came out with “Whip my hair”, in which certain analysts point out the prominent Illuminati symbolism:



Though the references in whip my hair are seemingly clear, it wasn’t until i watched the video of “21st century  girl” that i started to think critically about the people behind her music production.

There is a limit to how much an 11 year old is able to see the connotations of the things she says and does. As far as she is likely to be concerned, she is a star, singing music that everyone loves to hear and living up to her desire to be like her predecessor, Rihanna, who as mentioned earlier is signed with the same label and is inevitably under the same control.



Much of the views presented in the above video analysis were things that occurred to me as i watched the video for the first time, so i thought it reasonable to post it and leave you to decide for yourself.

Below is an unedited version of the video:



Whats your conclusion?

Is Willow Smith the creative mind behind these productions? Or is there someone with a deeper more sinister motive pulling the strings?

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Icon image of Jesus Christ, fragment of the la...

Image via Wikipedia

They called it the sabbath. The 7th day on which God rested. The concept of God needing to rest remains questionable. But the answer is evident.

God’s son revelaed that God was always working. So where does the story of creation fit in? Does God need to rest?

They said it was tradition. If so then why did they change it? Why did they change it in accordance with idol worship?

Monday was dedicated to the god of the moon. Thursday was dedicated to thor; god of thunder. They made sabbath a Sunday. Coinciding with the day of honour for the sun god.

They celebrated that day to the point that current generations have no idea why. They just learn what they are told.

They dedicated buildings where worship would take place. A holy place where God appeared every sunday; and occasionally during the middle of the week.

Buildings of a glorious nature. Some were intricately alligned with crosses and pictures of God’s son. The image of their saviour. A white faced, blue eyed, long haired, delicate fingered man; wearing a white robe accompanied by an expression of humility plastered across his face. A representation of a man that is a complete lie……..when his name is supposedly the truth.

He was a man that was not caucasian. Prophesied to be ugly, a man not worth looking at twice.

He was given a false presentation so that the world would be caught up on his picture. Rather than on what he had to say.

They preached a message using his image; in a building they called……the church.

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