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PHOTO MANIPULATIONS – By: Vladimir Manyuhina

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Hole in the heart

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What happens in a culture that values money over love? The answer to the question stares us in the face on a daily basis, as we all struggle for the same piece of cake.

The more diet conscious ones focus what little love they have on their friends and family, ensuring that what matters most is in short supply on the streets we walk on.

Globalisation has brought the world closer together, but we couldn’t be more far apart, as we push past each other on trains and buses, chasing after our dreams and blaming our thoughtless acts on ambition.

The black eyed peas once asked the question “where is the love?”, and for the briefest of moments we were caught up in the melody of something we inherently knew to be right. But it was only a matter of time before a number 1 song became a forgotten tune as something else caught our frivolous attention.

We live our lives as though we understand its purpose, yet we fail to see that a commodity with a price tag will soon fade away, just like the paper its printed on.

A man you have never met knocks on your door, holds his hands towards you and says “love me”. You dip your hands in your pocket and handing him some cash you say “this is all I have”. Knowingly he takes what he is offered for he accepts that he can do a lot more with money than he can with love. They don’t accept love in supermarkets. Love doesn’t buy him food and it doesn’t get him the clothes on his back. Love doesn’t provide much shelter either.  In fact love might as well not exist because it hasn’t done much for him lately.

In schools we are given the skills we need to create money, and with bone faced competition we fight our hardest to come out on top, leaving behind the love we once knew as a child so that we can prove our new found maturity.

If love does exist in our world it certainly isn’t the love of love. Whatever it was is replaced by a love for material objects. A love that only permits us to fulfill ‘our own’ desires because there is no blame when it comes to looking after number one.

Your love or your money? The choice was made long before the question itself was thought to be asked. If money rules the world and love is rejected, we can’t be caught in surprise when we have to pay the price.




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Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic C...

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The church. The allocated place for the worship of God. They come dressed in their “Sunday best” because God too is impressed by designer clothing.

They come with smiles and sombre faces, ready to ask for forgiveness of the sins they committed during the week.

They hold the church as the sacred place of the most high. When the church in reality should be the people, not the building.

Time and focus is spent on making the building perfect. The legendary “building fund” is a never ending collection.

A choir is paid to sing at the top of their voices. The crowd is entertained under the guise of praise and worship. Honouring with lips as opposed to the heart.

They create a high table for the sacred elect. The people that God has supposedly put in charge of the operation. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd in command. The same hierarchy run in a business, only this time with the positions carrying different names and levels of honour.

It is in this building that they exercise full control. Full control over minds, which lead to wallets. Full control over wallets, which leads to money.

They preach a message that gives money a whole other name. A name that reflects a percentage of income. An income that has to be specific otherwise it’s not the same. Tithe, was money’s new name.

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Three best friends

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In the last couple of days an interesting question has kept coming up so I thought I would pose it.

What is our motivation for having a relationship with God?

Its one of those questions that when you hear it for the first time your initial reaction is to pause. You really cant answer it too quickly. It requires a certain level of thought, as well as the ability to be honest with ourselves.

When I look back to a few years ago with that question in mind I find it quite worrying what my answer would have been. The truth is the only reason why at a younger age I had any interest in God was because of the fact that I was afraid of going to hell. So for me, believing in God was a safer option, as opposed to saying point blank that he didn’t exist.

Since then ive discovered that the hell that Christians talk about is a complete misrepresentation of what was actually meant; but to save the word count, let’s leave hell out of the equation for a bit.

One thing is certain, we all have a motive. Some of us want to know God because we like the idea of having a personal genie that grants us certain wishes. Some of us want to know God cause we think by knowing him we will be blessed with money. Some of us want to know God because we are afraid that if we don’t, it leaves us vulnerable to the attacks of the devil.

The underlining issue in relation to those motives…….is we really don’t want to know God.

Sometimes it helps to look at things within a human context so that we can understand it a bit better.

What is your motive for having a relationship with a friend?

Once again it is certain that there is indeed a motive. Some of us have friends because we don’t want to feel lonely. Some of us have friends because they are rich and we can get money from them. Some of us have friends because they are the right “connections” to help get a job later on. Some of us have friends because there is a certain level of prestige attached to being seen with them.

But then there are some of us…….who just genuinely want to know the person.

I’ve discovered that it is so easy to not see the difference. In fact for a long time I didn’t really know who my friends were because I never gave it any thought. According to facebook I have over 1300 friends, the truth is I probably have about 10. But there is an even more important question that needs to be asked.

How does a friend become a friend? No that’s really not where im going. How does a friend become “closer”?

Ok so we want to be close to God. We want him to talk to us, show us things and basically magnify his existence in our lives. Yet…..we do nothing and expect that God is meant to put in all the effort.

The truth is we really don’t understand friendship. Even within a human context most of us have difficulty understanding it. Can you really call someone a friend if you don’t spend anytime together? Can you really call someone a friend if you don’t know anything about what they like or what they don’t like? Can you really call someone a friend if everytime you see the person you have some recitation to say, questions to ask and requests that you want fulfilled?

If we cant make “close” friends like this with human beings, what makes us think we can get close to God by being like this?

Like I said……we don’t want to know God. We like the “idea” of knowing God. We like the comfort that assuming we know God brings. But when we stop lying to ourselves, the truth starts to become even more apparent.

In the last couple of years ive spent a lot of time talking to God. Not asking him for things like I used to, but genuinely just talking to him like I would talk to a friend of mine. As time has gone on my understanding of God has grown, and he talks to me regularly. Its not because im some sort of special person, or because im more spiritual or whatever other label one might choose to attach to it. Its simply because at a point I decided that I wanted to know him…….no strings attached.

Until we get to the level where our interest is actually in “God”, and not in some assumed “perks” we think we will have by knowing him, we will never truly know him.

That is actually what makes Christ significant. All the guy came to do was to tell us about God. Once we can understand exactly what that means, it opens our eyes unmistakably to the starting point of being able to be closer to him.

We can’t know God by “imagining” what he would be like. Christ his son “told” us what he is like. From knowing what he is like he made it easier for us to understand how to relate with him.

We want to get close to God? We are wasting our time if our motivation is some fickle reasoning based on superficial expectations. The only way we can get to know God… to get to know him.

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