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A Series 1934 A US $10 Note

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Tithe, was money’s new name. They said if they didn’t pay it God would not bless them. God would not give them what was rightfully theirs if they did not give back to him.

A tithe reflected 10%. 10% of their income should go to God, because that is what God deserves. Its only fair. They take 90% and God takes 10%. A confused logic of men who want to steal from other men while retaining a level of subtlety.

The origin of tithe is neglected. Tithe was collected only by Levites. A designated tribe of people selected by God. So why are non-Levites today collecting tithe?

Title was only paid by farmers. Farmers gave 10% of their harvest to the Levites. The food was stored and on a designated day was given out to the poor. So why now do they call tithe money and not food?

Why is tithe collected as a salary for the officials of the church? Why is tithe collected for the development of a building, instead of being given to the poor within the building?

God’s son said they received the message without payment, so they should give it for free; but they distorted the message for their benefit. They knew exactly what they wanted to hear. Give 10 and make a 100. God is a casino slot machine. If you don’t pay, you will get nothing in return. If you pay, you will double your money.

The language of money is easy to understand. Double or nothing. Nothing or something. Something that’s easy to get, as long as you give. A gospel with little complexity. A message they called……..prosperity.

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