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The Bible

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The bible. Coined from the latin word “biblia”, meaning a collection of books. They said the book is complete and nothing could be added or taken out, then the Archbishop of Canterbury came along and took out 15 books, leaving only 66 from the original 81.

The books of the new testament were chosen by one man who was a servant of the Emperor Constantine; and he did that choosing to satisfy Constantine’s agenda to reform early Christianity.

They say the book has no mistakes. The book is perfect and complete. A book that was compiled by men in order to control men.

It was originally written in Hebrew and Greek. Thousands were killed for attempting to translate it to English. Only a select few wanted to maintain power; till the world got a hold of it despite their efforts.

The book contains stories, facts and accounts of Jewish history. Some are true and some are false. Like every other book, it was written by men. But this book was not allowed to be criticised or questioned. This book was supposedly the undisputed word of God.

Men who do not have their minds in a box read the book with an open mind. They see countless contradictions. Contradictions that should be expected seeing as it was written by different people with different opinions.

But there is one opinion that stands out. There is one perspective that is different from all the rest. Amidst the confusion the truth can still be found. Found within the words of the character that all the writers spoke of. The words of a man that was sent from God. The man they call the son of God.

They heard what the man had to say, but they rejected it. They preferred the perspective of the other people. The other opinions were easier to handle. The opinion of God’s son was way too extreme. Things like plucking out an eye if it caused you to sin was much harder to listen to than the ridiculous presentation of the grace of God. Ironically, God’s son never mentioned the word grace once.

The confusion grew because they claimed the word of God did not just come from one person. They say the word of God was not just from God’s son. They say the word of God came from all the other writers. All the writers wrote with God’s inspiration they say, even though the words of God’s son were often the opposite of the others.

Even if it made no sense they were forced to believe. Questions were forbidden. Saying something contrary was held as blasphemy. Disagreeing with them would be a sin.

They were told to leave their brains behind. They convinced them that God could never be understood, so asking questions would do them no good.

The answer to the question was simple apparently. If it doesn’t make any sense……just have faith.

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