05 Apr
Your Faith Has Saved You

Just have faith. You can see that it makes no sense, but it doesn’t matter. Just have faith.

The question is this though. Does God want you to understand? Does God want you to know the truth? Or does he want you to simply remain on the level of faith?

Did God’s son come to cause confusion? Or did he come to set the record straight?

If all you have is faith till the day you die, does that mean you know God?

Surely faith must manifest in something. If you talk to God surely he must talk back.

If God’s son says that God wants to have a relationship with you, what kind of relationship is based entirely on faith, with no form of response whatsoever?

Is it necessary for faith to make no sense? No matter how much faith I have that a table is a chair, the table will forever remain a table, not a chair.

They use faith to control people. It is an escape route to explain difficult questions. God’s son says that they should seek in order to find. But they don’t want to seek. They want to have faith, do nothing, and hope they will find it in the end somehow.

They told them that if they have faith God will give them something. He will give them a reward for being faithful servants.

They told them God wanted to make them rich. They preached about monetary rewards……and they called them blessings.

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