07 Apr
A collection of mugshots showing multiple races.

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They called it Destiny. Some people were created for honour, others were created for destruction.

They say God already knows who is going to heaven. They say there is nothing they can do to alter what has already been designed by fate.

They say men are like robots. We exist in a reality that has already been dictated. If that is the case what exactly would be the point of life?

God’s son says there are certain things that God does not know. There are certain things that God in his divinity has chosen not to know.

God does not know who is going to be saved. God does not know how each human being will turn out. God has no idea what decisions you will make to save your life. God……did not create certain people for destruction.

Man has free will. The ability to choose between God and the world.

Man has the ability to decide if he wants to have a relationship with God. That choice can be made by noone……not even by God himself.

They say when you are in a relationship with God ask him for what you want and you will get it.

They say God wants to give you everything; but he is waiting for you to ask.

They ask God for physical things. Things that everyone else on earth desires…… and they called it prayer.

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