12 Apr
Raise the dead !

Image by Stéfan via Flickr

Miracles. The supposed work of God. The television broadcasts these acts to emphasize that God truly does exist. Acts that completely defy the normality of humanity.

God’s son says that antichrists will do miracles. He made a prophesy that men would do all kinds of signs and wonders that will deceive many people into thinking they came from God.

Clearly just because a man can heal the sick doesn’t mean that he is a child of God. If miracles are what you use to determine if a man is from God, then you will easily be deceived.

Doing miracles is easy; as strange as that might sound. All it requires is belief. If you truly believe that you can bend a spoon; there is not much stopping that spoon from being bent.

Man is a spiritual being. Accessing that aspect of yourself is the difficult part…..but it is not impossible.

Men do all kinds of things for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes they give credit to God; other times they give credit to another entity.

They say there is a being that is responsible for everything bad thing in the world. A being that controls men to do things against God. They blame this entity for every wrong thing that happens in the world.

They hold this spirit responsible for all evil.

They created an entity that all mankind could blame. ……and they called it the devil

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