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They called it the devil. An evil spirit that goes into men; making them do evil.

A man creates a plan to rob a house because he needs some money. Gun in hand he holds the house hostage. He picks up a child and says, “if I don’t get the combination to the safe in 2 minutes, im going to kill her”. The safe is opened. The man smiles to himself, looks at the child; and pulls the trigger.

What happened?……….the devil made him do it?

The man made a decision. A decision to create the plan. A decision to buy the gun. A decision to rob that particular house, and a decision to pull the trigger. At any point in time he could have made a decision to do something else. But he chose to do exactly what he did.

So where does the devil come in? Does the devil exist? Truth be told, every man can be a devil. Any man can be a “doer of evil”. Men are responsible for the evil in the world. It is men that choose to do evil of their own accord.

God’s son never told them to worry about the devil……but he did tell them to beware of men.

There is an entity though. Satan. A spirit that tempts men. This spirit can only do what you allow it to. This spirit only tempts you to do……what you want to do.

This spirit in many ways works for God. If God wants you to relinquish your will, how better a way to test you than to have an entity that will encourage you to do what you want…….instead of what God wants?

If Satan is God’s arch enemy; why has he taken so long to get rid of him?

There must be a role that Satan is playing. Once we understand that, we can start to see the importance of depriving yourself of what you want.

They say Satan is in charge of a place. A place where God sends everyone that disobeys him. A place where fire burns for all eternity; torturing men who never turned to God.

They say once you go there, there’s no turning back. An eternal punishment. A red hot pit of fire. A place they call…….hell

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