19 Apr
Steve & Apple Inc.

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Believe it or not there was once a time when words like apple or blackberry were actually what they were; fruits. In this day and age, it’s a pretty different story. 

It’s not tragic, in the sense that when you hear “blackberry”, there isn’t instant confusion about if one is referring to the phone or the fruit. Its “obvious”, in the sense that no one cares about the fruit. If it doesn’t PING, then it isn’t worth the attention.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and although cliche it only applies to a fruit of which we could care less. “Apple” is what it’s about now. That sophisticated palm held machine that simplifies life on a high tech screen; the fruit of wisdom we call technology.  

I dare to assume that the reason why the device was invented sprung from the desire to make communication easier. To which I would agree that this certainly is true. I too have benefited from the ease with which I can chat across borders, ignoring everyone else that sits or stands in front of me. 

Some people haven’t heard a real voice in ages. Their fingers do the talking and smileys carry their emotions. Retaining eye contact is a thing of the past because the constant interruption of a “buzz” is more desirable. 

What happened to the days when we could just talk? The times when we were comfortable not knowing what was happening at the other end of the world. The days when a word was spoken and heard, instead of anxiously waiting for a “D” to turn to an “R”. 

I get it. I understand that we are moving along with the times and reaping the benefits of the minds that came before us. I can relate with the fact that there are advantages linked to the ability to talk to a person a million miles away. But let’s face it. Your life is controlled by an inanimate object that lives in your pocket. As impressed as our ancestors might be, I dare say there would be an air of disappointment. 

It’s amazing to think that we can no longer imagine what life was like without these objects. 10 years ago is o so long ago that we can no longer relate to life as we once knew it. Status updates are now what bring us closer, rather than a hug or a tap on the back. 

Who we are has been replaced by a virtual identity. Typed words and images now make up the personalities we have come to know. 

You and me both know he doesn’t know you. You don’t talk to him and he doesn’t talk to you. A space on your contact list does not constitute as a friendship. Its’ a harsh truth but at least one of us should be man enough to admit it. When was the last time you saw his face outside of a screen? When was the last time a conversation didn’t start with PING? 

Mankind is moving forward. Its unfortunate though that we are leaving our humanity behind in the process. Maybe one of these days ill give you a call, but for now; this is all just a text.

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