19 Apr

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She served with her lips. Only a glimpse of her tongue could be seen between the cavity she called mouth. Slowly and provocatively they moved to the rhythm of her words. Blink twice and you’d have missed an episode.

Even in fast forward the gesture provided guilty thoughts that dare not be paused. Ears tingled as her words crept slowly between their beating drums.

A trickle of saliva was briskly wiped off open men’s mouths, as her tongue gave birth to sweet nothings. Teeth shone brightly in corners of cheeks, hanging on edge like a mountain climber clinging on for dear life.

Her vocal chords vibrated from within, bringing music to a statuesque audience of manly men transformed to school boys. A breathtaking wave of bodily perfumed air swept the room, joining the unseen bacterial mist that had silently formed in unision. Like a virus it spread between their pores till they had the gumption to believe that it wasn’t there to begin with.

She blew a kiss and withdrew her mischievously pouted lips, allowing her tongue to retreat to its familiar resting place; where it would no doubt regain energy and once again return. A passerby leaned over and instead of feeling shy, whispered the words, “I love way you lie.”

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