19 Apr
Illustration depicting thought.

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There’s something wonderful about thinking. At least that’s what i think. There is a way you can mix imagination with reason and come up with something more than just a thought.

When was the last time you thought about something? What did you think of what you thought? Thinking of a thought made me think twice about whether a thought was worth thinking about in the first place.

There’s something about thinking that is just so real. Conversing with a person of whose opinion you can easily handle. After all, its yourself.

Its a voice that can be heard distinctly, above the noise of other people. Above the noise of the street. Above the noise of life.

What do you think about? Do you care about what you think? You don’t? Or you just don’t think so? .

Seeing everything that everyone has seen, yet thinking what nobody else has thought. That’s the only way you can discover something. You can translate a thought into an act and come up with something thoughtful……..or at the very least something creative.

Imagine life without thoughts. No thoughts, no dreams. No dreams, no aspirations. It would be like a void in your head. A piece of hollow matter dangling above your neck with nothing to speak of.

You are what you think. What you think about personifies who you are. It manifests who you think you are. Your actions constitute consequences that developed from just a thought.

I thought i had something to say so i said it. i thought i had something to think so i thought it. I thought i should say what i thought i was thinking. At least thinking this…….would give me one less thing to think about.

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