22 Apr
Happy Days

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We’re supposed to be happy. We’re supposed to do everything we want, how we want and when we want.

We dont know what we want. But we’re supposed to be happy. So i guess thats what we want. Happy.

Happy as can be. As happy as we want to be. As happy as were supposed to be. Just…..happy. Like were supposed to be.

We do what we can to be happy. We make what we want to be happy. We make what we do result in us being happy.

So we’re happy. Wait……are we happy? Not quite. One more thing and then well be happy. One more time and then well definitely be happy. Now……. im defintely happy.

Damn; something happened. Im not happy anymore. I was happy for a while but im not happy anymore. I used to be happy……. but i aint happy no more.

I know what ill do. Ill find something else to make me happy. Once i find it then ill really be happy.

Yes! i found it. Im happy. But how long will i be happy for? Am i really happy that im happy? Or do i just think im happy?

I know what ill do. Ill confirm if im happy. Not just happy happy; really happy.

Hi there!….. do i look happy? Do i seem happy? Do i sound happy?……. You dont know?…… Now thats just sad.

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