22 Apr
Apples are an all-American success story-each ...

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I promise to give you the fruit. The whole fruit; and nothing but the fruit. Apples, Banana’s or oranges. Take your pick.

The options were limitless, but there were only three. 3 apples, 3 banana’s and you guessed it, 3 oranges. The unlimited yet limited array of choice stared back at me; saying three words. “Take your pick”.

I chose an apple. Hard on the outside, juicy on the inside. It had a crunch to it. A sweet yet sour taste oozing with each chew. There was no comparison. The right choice had been made.

The store owner looked at me. He wondered why I had made that choice. But I knew. Even if he didn’t. It was less about the taste and more about the feel. It felt good. That’s all he needed to know.

He gazed at me reflecting his promise. “The whole fruit and nothing but the fruit.” But I stared back knowing he hadn’t given me the “whole fruit’. What about water melons or pineapples? I might have chosen one of them. But it wasn’t presented as a choice.

He said it again. “Take your pick”. Clearly he wasn’t satisfied.

So I chose a banana. Yellow. Squishy and slender. Peeling back revealing its soft inner self. It had no crunch. But each munch was an identity in itself.

Once again he gazed. Looking at me as though I wasn’t there. Seeing me as though I wasn’t to be seen. He only had three words to say. “Take your pick”.

I picked up the orange. Hard, yet with a soft feel to it. Seedy. Individual fractions making up a whole fruit. This was it. This was the one.

I looked up expecting to get a positive response. There were three options. I had gone through all three. I had had tasted them all. I had felt them all. I now knew what they all were and the differences between them. I could tell him anything he needed to know about them. Indeed….. I had been through the whole selection of fruit.

His gaze turned to a smile. I knew it. I had finally made the right choice. It took some time but I got it in the end. I was there. Holding the right fruit in my hand. Returning the smile I looked on, waiting to hear what he had to say.

This time he said four words instead of three. “Now, take your pick”.

My smile faded. He had promised to give me the fruit. The whole fruit; and nothing but the fruit. But the whole time…..fruit……was the last thing on his mind.

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