22 Apr

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He came with his teeth. They lay sheltered in his mouth. Concealed so noone else could see them; but i knew they were there.

The food was sexy. A sexy plate of sexy sausages and mashed sexy potatoes. What else could a pair of teeth ask for.

As always the food was tender. Vulnurable. Easily devoured by each chew.

The steady grind as molar clashed with incisor created a rhythm that was devastating to listen to.

The food diminished slowly. I watched it go smaller and smaller. The power of teeth against the weakness of food.

Predator and prey. The more cunning of the two knows exactly what to do; and more importantly…….how to chew.

I refused to be eaten. I refused to be swallowed up by something i could see.

I dodged between each tooth as they came crashing down. Less literally, but more metaphorically.

The teeth no longer phased me. I wasnt intimidated. Teeth or no teeth……..i wouldn’t be a platter of beef

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One response to “NOT AFFECTED

  1. Yewande Ekun

    May 4, 2011 at 2:49 pm

    The tongue.


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