24 Apr
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Have you ever looked at people? Looked at the things that noone else sees. The parts of a person that are only available to the subconscious. You see them, but you don’t notice. The expressions, the movements, the signs.

Suspiciously or deliciously. Hungry for more than can be seen. Obscene in the twinkle of an eye. The twinkle is unseen to the naked unobservant eye.

At the moment im on the bus. People watching. Looking at what they do and how they respond to their environment. Don’t blame me. Most of you know that i’m wierd. Those who don’t know are simply scared. Scared of the truth. The truth that there is more to what the eye can truly see.

A couple just walked off the bus. They were old. The story of their lives was untold. Yet the more i looked, the more their lives began to unfold.

The man was blind. Completely reliant on the hand that led him along. Confident that the arm would never walk away. Or even worse, lead him astray.

The sunglasses he wore hid what he could see. Or i guess i should say hid what he could not see. Either way it makes little sense. What does makes sense though is the path that they walked.

Carefully they moved. Step by step in a forward direction. Away from where the bus had left them. Going to God know’s where.

I wonder what a blind man can see. I actually think he can see more than you or me. What he sees is different. A darkness to the world, but a light that is within. He is left subject to his imagination.

His imagination of things he once saw, or has never seen. His imagination of things he was, or has never been. What he wants to be, who he wants to be, and who he is.

He knows. Even if noone else does. I can only imagine. My imagination is incomplete because i use my eyes. I guess sometimes, in order to see, your eyes need to be closed.

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