24 Apr
Leviathan ~ Robot Sculpture

Image by Tinkerbots via Flickr

It had four walls like every other room I was used to. Except that one of the walls was made of iron bars. There wasn’t much in the room. Just me, my pride and a mattress that was there before I came. I hadn’t always been there. I was told that it was the place I needed to go. I had to aspire to be there because that was the place for people like me. I was rejected from birth and destined to conform to expectations. It wasn’t really what I wanted. I just wanted to live, but society forced me to be something different.

I remember the look in my mother’s eye when I became what I am. Tears threatened to flow, but they were held back with surprising diligence. I was an outcast trying to make everyone happy but myself. Now that I was within these walls I could see that this wasn’t where I wanted to be. It wasn’t drugs or alcohol that pushed me in the direction. I had walked there in the footsteps of a perfectly sane man who knew what he was doing. I was a lawyer now. 3 years of university, a year in law school and 20 years down the line. But guess what? I quit.

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