27 Apr
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Im getting older now. The beginnning that once was has begun. It starts every morning of every day. No matter how i try; it wont go away. That’s why im here today.

Lying in bed, i thought about the day ahead. What would happen? What would i do? Would the day be the same as every other? Or should i not care, or ask, or bother?

I knew i had to get dressed. It was what society demanded. The freezing cold helped the situation. I felt better about conforming to what they wanted.

I felt the hot water run slowly down my body. Waking me up ever so soothingly. I didn’t want it to end. I wanted the water to keep on pouring. Keep on going. Never ending; never knowing.

I was dry now. My clothes were on. I was ready to take on the day. If only i knew what to expect. I would be ready. I would be dressed for the occasion; prepared. Ready and waiting. Waiting in readiness. Whatever would come, would come. Like i said, i would be ready.

Since i didnt know, i got up and left. No point in pondering. I would find out as time went on. As time went on i would adapt. I would respond based on what was thrown at me. If it were necessary i would throw it back. One thing is for sure though. Im ready for anything, everything and most especially…..nothing.

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