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Reverse of the Great Seal of the United States.

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On February 17, 1950, James P. Warburg declared to the U.S. Senate, “We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent.”

Over time mankind seems to have left behind the mind set of war and conquest that its predecessors followed. Endless battles for land, glory and power have taken a back seat as we are entertained by movies and talent shows. Liberty, acceptance and equality is the message we have grown accustomed to, pioneered by a democratic authority that always takes our votes into consideration.

A lot of us are content to live with this naive view of the world. One where we believe what we hear on the news is the truth, and the government really does care about the lives of its people. Unfortunately, men didn’t all of a sudden lose interest in power and control. Their plans, just like the times we live in, have evolved.

David Rockefeller once said, “All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.”

America never seems to be far behind when there is a crisis. The most influential power in the world can be counted on to come to the rescue, with or without the civilians consent. Democracy and peace works hand in hand with violence, because if you don’t succumb to their way of thought you are clearly not on the side of equal rights. The word ironic does not do this scenario enough justice.

You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” said  Rahm Emanuel.

People don’t seem to realise the opportunistic nature that tragedy provides. Wars cost money, and like every venture in society some stand to profit more than others. Gun manufactures rely on wars so they can sell weapons. Governments need the opportunity to test new technology in live combat. Foreign aid allows corporations to infiltrate international markets. Charitable ventures boost approval and public image. Death and disease increases reliance on westernised medicine. Fleeing from disaster increases airline ticket sales.The country’s currency declines and enables foreign companies to buy off natural resources for less than their value. Confusion allows the opportunity to influence the next phase of leadership.

There are a host of people who sit at the top end of society that continually gain from the chaos that happens around us. They are the heroes, and they are the villians. They are wolves who are so democratic and politically correct that they often feel no need to hide their agenda, because one way or the other they condition the world to accept their chosen path.

At some point along this note you must have thought ‘what exactly is the new world order and how does it affect our lives?”

It affects us in the simplest of ways. We are slaves to a system that forces us to serve others in order to have food to eat. We live in a world with an abundance of resources, more than enough to sustain humanity, but only a few men claim ‘ownership’ of what nature provides.  Soon there will be one currency, one government, all submissive to one source of control. It may sound like one of those far fetched ‘dooms day’ conspiracy theories that we have grown all too familiar with; but the reality of this cause is evident in establishments such as the UN, The World Bank and The Bilderberg group, who present themselves as unified bodies, progressing peace and the furtherance of development; but in truth these men hold so much power that they live in a completely different world from the one we know; and every decision they make whether we approve of it or not, has a direct effect on our lives.

In a society where we are taught to compete for power; those who attain it only seek one thing; more power.

In order to control the world you will need to have a high level of technology, sophisticated weaponry, political influence and a monopolistic control over all the important resources available to society. ‘The Elite’ have most of these elements at their disposal, and they are slowly acquiring what is left by creating and exploiting wars and natural disasters. They control what we hear in the news, what your children are taught in schools, and how many hours a work day should be. Through your birth certificate you sign over your identity. Through your bank account they know where and what you spend your money on. With CCTV cameras and satellites they know exactly where you are. They can listen to your phone conversations, and they know what you read on the internet.

Over years they have gathered enough information to know your likes and dislikes. They know what substances to put in food to make you crave more of it. They know the exact level of magnetic pulsation needed to keep you glued to the TV and computer screens. They know your desires even before you know you have them.

While we are kept busy with the distractions of life that we are provided with, the new world order progresses. Completely oblivious to their intentions we carry on living our lives; convincing ourselves that we are earning our own forms of living; but the truth is we are modern slaves working for The Elite. Men who formed the banking system are well aware that the only way that money gets into society is through debt, and that debt has to be repaid with interest; so we are all working to pay off a debt that can never be repaid.

On the back of the one dollar bill is printed the Latin phrase “Novus ordo seclorum”, which means ‘New order of the Ages’.

The new world order is a well thought out plan that has been around for a long time. Awareness is the first step. From then on we can then start to look for ways to collectively pursue a better way of life. Ropes and chains aren’t the only things that enslave men. Democratic civilization has its own brand of slavery.


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