30 Apr

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Its fun to gossip; lets face it. As much as we all hate being the subject of conversation; we all love to do it. We love to talk about whats going on with other people, what they are doing and what they should be doing. What they did and what they are about to do. And what they did or didnt do to you.

Is the world really that boring? Or should i ask if the world is really that exciting? Are our own lives so dull that we only find pleasure in talking about others? So theres this guy whose with this chick; and can you imagine, he did this that and this; instead of the girl to do this that and that, she allowed him to do this instead of that. If i was that girl i would not take that nonsense. I would show him that i am not someone to be taken lightly. In fact, i would…….. You know the story; i dare say youve heard it before. I dare say youve even told it yourself. Licking your lips and smiling as the listening ears all sprawled for more information. The irony is that if it were you; you wouldnt do anything. Your mouth would cease to run. You would hope that noone was there. Watching you be the one that someone did this and that to. Give me jist. Is anything interesting happening down your end? Are they still together? Are their parents rich? Does she live in a mansion? What car does he drive? Is he fine? Does he have money? Does he have a big……..shoe size? You all want to know, but why? Why does it matter? What impact does it make on your life? Does it make you sleep better at night? Or does it make you smile when you wake up in the morning, with the knowledge that there is someone out there whose life is more interesting than yours. Talk less and listen more. You might learn something. You learn its safer to keep your mouth shut. But let me not get too disrespectful. Would it be rude to ask the whole world to mind its business? I guess thats an ugly thought.

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