30 Apr
T For Two-Face

Image by JD Hancock via Flickr

The lights were dim. I could only make out one side of his face. I couldn’t tell what the other half looked like. Would it be the same? Or would there be a difference? I decided to find out.

Moving closer I tilted my head to the side; hoping to see his other side, his darker side. But i couldn’t. Refusing to accept defeat I looked around the room for a light switch. All I could see were bare walls covered in dull paint. Cobwebs stared back from places where pictures should have been. The door was left open, in a failed attempt to let air in. I couldn’t breathe.

I could feel the bare walls closing in on me, caressing me with their bareness. Was it the lights? Or was I dying slowly?

I looked down at my hands. They were still there, sweating profusely. My legs were there too, silent but serving their purpose. Holding me up despite my failed attempts to see his face.

He moved closer. He had a look of concern on one side. I still couldn’t see the other. The shadows deliberately kept it concealed. But why? What could his other side be hiding?

My face was out in the open. Unprotected and vulnerable to the eyes of the one sided man. I hoped he wouldn’t take advantage. I hoped he wouldn’t tell anyone what he could see.

I needed a mask. A false object to cover my nakedness. His one naked eye cut deep into my worn out face. All this was done with the walls still closing in, and my breath still escaping.

I was being punished for my honesty. I showed him all, but he only showed me half. He remained two faced. Two identities revealing nothing about the other.

Why wouldn’t he speak? Why wouldn’t he show me his other side? His reason was simple……he was a man.

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