MURDER BY MEDIA 2: Seductive Options

01 May

Image by Robby Ryke via Flickr

Continually in society we are presented with options. We are told that our ability to choose between these options is what makes us free. You’re thirsty? Well that’s fine because you have the option of water, coke, fanta, juice and a whole lot of other drinks that can be used to quench this unfortunate feeling.

Its very easy to forget that once upon a time these options were much fewer. Believe it or not there was a time when if you were thirsty, you drank water. There were no discussions about what to drink, it was an obvious or automatic choice.

Now as a society we pride ourselves in the numerous choices we have at our disposal. We now have the ability to ‘choose’ what we want, and with the ability to choose, some of us often discover that we no longer know what we want.

What we want is now a desire that has been artificially created. The motivation behind the creation of this desire though is designed specifically to exploit us, but it leaves us with the thought that we are making independent decisions based on free will.

The logic is fairly straight forward. If society had an interest in providing the needs of its people, that’s exactly what it would do. If society has an interest in exploitation by way of making money, it would create a variety of options that compete against each other for our attention. Which is exactly what is happening now.

A can of coke is placed in front of a child for the first time and he gulps it down as he realises that this is a taste he has missed out on all his life. The next day a glass of water and a can of coke are placed side by side and his mother asks him to make a choice.

The child stretches for the can of coke.

This is a child that had desired nothing but water till this very moment. Before the previous day he had never heard of coke, he had never seen it, and he had never tasted its sweet essence. He had free will before this incident, yet he could only choose the option that he had known all his life; but now a more seductive option stood before him, and this alien taste is chosen to replace his once familiar glass of water.

All of a sudden, he decides he no longer wants to drink water ever again. All he wants to drink is coke. Coke, coke a more coke. Its “his” choice. He isn’t being forced to make any decisions. He has of his own accord concluded that coke is what he wants to drink, and he has made this choice with his own free will; or has he?

Are you really making a choice of your own free will when someone else is creating the options?

On the surface we are told that our ability to choose between a wide variety of options is what makes us free. But it is these same people who are in control of what options are made available, giving them an almost inconceivable amount of power over our lives.

Over time masses of information has been gathered about our likes and dislikes. Numerous experiments have been conducted to enable them to package things so seductively that we can’t help but look in their direction.

So we are presented with option after seductive option. You don’t want to have a baby, why not have an abortion? You want to have sex without fear of consequence, why not wear a condom? You don’t feel like breast feeding, why not feed your baby formula? You don’t like your breasts, why not get implants? You don’t like your sex, why not get a sex change? You don’t like your marriage, why not get a divorce? You don’t like your face, why not wear make up? You don’t like your skin colour, why not get a tan? You don’t trust your neighbour, why not buy a gun?

The list goes on and we are eager to forget that once upon a time these options weren’t there.

The issue we fail to see is that its not really about our ability to choose between options. Its more complicated than that.

The issue is about who provides these options,  why certain options are provided over others, and what exactly do these options make us do.

Once we look at things in this way, we start to see that the options are rigged.

Why would a child pick a can of coke over water? Water is healthier, more refreshing, satisfying and it actually quenches thirst. Coke makes you more thirsty, it rots your teeth, and it makes you hyper; but its “sweeter”, making it a far more seductive option.

The makers of coke are fully aware of the advantages they have over water, which is why they have presented this ‘option’ in its place.

Magnifying this concept on a larger scale, its easy to see how some options are far more seductive than others. Allowing the holders of the most seductive of these options, to lead us in a particular direction.

Willingly or unwillingly, we follow them like lambs to the slaughter.

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