04 May
Taken at Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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There was once a lady who felt she wasn’t part of this world. “Out of place” she called it, saying she never fit in. Not at school, not at work and clearly not around men. “They never notice me anyway”. “It’s like I’m not even in the room or standing next to someone, everyone walks past, some even walk through me, like you would a ghost”. She then becomes a recluse and refuses to step out of her flat. Quits her job, lives on benefits and orders everything she needs online. Tried to make small talk with the delivery man, just to make herself feel relevant, to get some sort of confirmation that she was indeed a part of this world, worth talking to and making friends with. That didn’t seem to get her anywhere. She then decided that she wasn’t worth a lot. She didn’t last very long when she started toying with the idea of slitting her wrists. She went a little too far and in the end lost her life. She was dead for days before her door was broken down and her body was found in front of her bedroom mirror. She had made herself more invisible. Permanently invisible. Dead.

You are your own thoughts. Your thoughts become actions. Actions become a way of life. Life becomes reality. Our constant need to feel relevant by getting a job, a social life, or being in a relationship begins to shape our thought processes. We forget that we as individuals shape the world we live in and not the other way round. We rely on the exterior to mould the interior, thus playing oblivious to the point where the world relies on us to go round… not literally, that is. Wallowing in self-pity further gives room for remorse and negative thoughts, in extreme cases, ending up like the lady above. Who’s to say that when we slit our wrists, we will make such an impact on the world around us? Or perhaps think we’d be martyred? For what exactly, I ask?

A little jump start for our brains. What will I achieve by striving to feel relevant? A fat pay cheque? That handsome/beautiful partner? The talk of town as the biggest party rocker there ever was? Killing morale, killing the brain, or killing the body is no quick road to relevance. Dying in the process of making yourself visible makes you end up more invisible. No coming back from that.

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