MIND CONTROL 50: Living For Money

09 May

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This is an issue so deep that we need to spend a lot of time thinking about it.

Lets go back to go forward.

Jesus says: “No man can have two masters……you cannot serve God and money.”

From understanding the purpose of money and why it is created……. It becomes very important to ask oneself certain questions.

Can a follower of Christ work in a bank?

Probably a question you have never thought of.

Knowing that money was created by banks in order to exploit and control people…..

Would it be right to join an institution such as this and aid them in their bid to cheat society?

That’s the problem with Jesus.

You must understand that the reason why the world hated Jesus…..and still hates him….. is because he forces us to ask ourselves certain fundamental questions.

Does the “type of job” you choose to do contradict the following of Christ?

One thing is clear.

The creation of money has introduced quite a number of things that has influenced the “way humanity thinks”.

Think with me for a second.

Why do you go to school?

Do you go to school because you have a genuine thirst to gain knowledge?

Or do you go to school, so you can get a degree… order to get a job…….so you can make some money?

If you think about it…… the creation of money has been the biggest hindrance to the growth and development of mankind.

People no longer do things because they want to…… or because they have a genuine passion or interest for it.

People do things because they want to make some money.

But the problem is this.

If the motivation behind everything that you do is money…… can you serve God?

If the reason why you do everything you do is in someway related to acquiring money……..what room is there for God?

What exactly is your purpose in life?

You want to have a lot of money……a car……a nice house…… a dog…… fancy clothes……and a fit man/woman by your side.

If the “sole direction” of your life is towards attaining such things……and not towards a relationship with God…….is there a problem?

Has the nature of the world caused our priorities to be mixed up?

It begs the question.

What is more important to you…..making some money…..or having a relationship with God?

Paul says “the love of money is the root of all evil”.

This statement is not completely true…….but an element of it needs to be considered.

The love of money is certainly not the root of “all” evil.

But…… is the love of money “a” root of evil?

Jesus describes money as “unrighteous”.

This brings something very important to light.

Just because money can get you what you want……..does not mean that money is a “good” thing.

If money is conceived to be evil…..

Then it requires us to have a complete reevaluation of money.

It requires us to look at money slightly differently from the way the world looks at money.

You live in a world where a man that kicks a piece of leather between a goal post is paid 50 times more than a man working in a hospital taking care of the sick.

You live in a world where a man that sings a song earns 50 times more than a person that teaches you how to read and write.

Is there something wrong with this?

Is there something wrong with the fact that there is enough food to feed the entire world yet people starve because they have no money?…….a fundamentally useless piece of paper

With so many issues surrounding this paper of no value, that is money……

It starts to become even more dangerous……when a man wakes up…… and decides he wants to be “rich”.

To be continued……

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