11 May
Krok 3

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The destination is in front of you. You see it ahead. Onward you go to reach it. You know that to be the only way. How else would you get there. How else would you reach where you are trying to get. To get there you must. Forward, forward, forward….. its the only way that you trust.

Yet there may be a different route. A diversion that keeps you on course. A compass that monitors the weather ahead. Even if that wasn’t what it was built for.

So you proceed. You walk, you run, you crawl. Whatever suits the occasion. Its nearer but its farther. A mirage is all you can reach. You grab; you miss. Over…..over…..over.

Its over; but its just begun. You have no clue what has just ended. You’ve finished something that time has bended. You’re in a different time. Your clock is out of date. That’s why you relinquished your fate.

So you retraced your steps. You went back to the from you just came. You traced everything back to when you learned your name. The things you did and didn’t do. The things you said and they said to you.

Now you know where you’re going. You went back and now yourE forward. Your footprints are in the ground. You recognize your feet. You stop walking on the side……now you’ve found the street.

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