16 May
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“I’m broke”. I’m sure most of us are familiar with this statement, and if you aren’t then you probably need to read this more than anyone else.

I know its a colloquial phrase, but in this day and age you often can’t help but feel less than whole when you have a hole in your wallet. The empty space comes with a reduction in confidence and the prospect of window shopping becomes ever more appealing.

Homeward bound is suddenly more than just a movie as you reluctantly turn down social adventures with the words “I’m broke”.

You’re right. I haven’t really told you anything different from what you already know. Most of us know the feeling. We do our best to stay away from those that are infected with the virus, so that we too will not be associated with the epidemic. So we grit our teeth and strive to find a cure to rid our wallets of their cavities.

To say that being broke is a blessing would be a statement highlighted on a page, standing in naked ridicule for the world to see and despise. Why would I ever want to be broke? Why would I ever want to be in a situation where I could not fulfill my desire, because I lacked the resources to fund my expenses on my senses?

I’m broke, yet I still stand in one piece, defying the word that has become my description. Restraint is hoist upon me as I am better able to separate the things I want from the things I need; and with that separation comes the realisation that I need very little.

Amazingly this undesireable place of humility offers a perspective of the world that is pleasantly different. From a state of lowliness I am above the things that don’t matter. I may be broke, but I’m not broken. And if I’m not broken, there’s nothing to fix.

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