16 May
Watch for the blind

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Why is it that tragedy reminds us of how to live? Subconsciously we know the difference between right and wrong, but something has to go wrong before we acknowledge it.

Rather than learn from other peoples mistakes we choose to learn from our own. We choose to live life on the edge of experience, rather than let experience lead the way.

Our sense of moral integrity is lost because as long as its not against the law, there’s nothing wrong with it.

We turn to God as often as we can, but only when something bad happens. When tragedy is in the air suddenly we remember that God just might be there.

We seem to think that God is some form of magical protection. He shows up at just the right moment, in order to whisk us out of a situation that we climbed into with our own two feet. We forget that life itself is not designed to be protected, and when it is, its not because yours is of any value.

Its a tough thing to say, in a world where death is cried over. We fear it so much that we expect God to shield us from it. We all want just a little bit longer, just a little more time to do all the things that we are supposed to; even though most are unsure of exactly what that is.

We all have a purpose and we are all special. Hardly any child grows up without the words “you are special” being rung into their ears. The consequence is of little importance. Even the kids that were never told still beliieve it. We all have something special to do in this world. Something that will make the world sit up and take notice.

In a world full of special people, who is really special? In a world full of blind people, who can really see? Or is it just about who has the best imagination?

Our imaginations run wild. Yet even within our imaginations we lack imagination. It all leads to the same desireable destiny. A destiny where we will be recognised.

What is it about recognition from people that is so appealing? This need for other people to appreciate the things that we do. The prospect of our names hanging from peoples lips, honouring our very existence because of the impact we have made on society.

We all have a purpose. But it does not take much of an imagination to see that we don’t know what that is. Perhaps if we did there would be less things to talk about. There would be less things to chase, less things to want and less things to admire. Maybe there would even be less of life to live; because once the loss of life is a less of a concern to those that have life; we will avoid the tragedy of life itself.

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