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HAARP antenna array

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It started off like one of those hypothetical questions you ask yourself when you are feeling in a particularly imaginative mood. You know what i mean. Lying down and wondering what it would be like to have super powers, or waiting for a bus and wishing you could hold back a storm that you can see emerging in the distance.

Every so often we hear of tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes and earthquakes. Natural disasters that cannot be controlled, but scientists do their best to predict them so that we are prepared for the chaos that follows.

When we watch the news and hear of earthquakes in Japan or Haiti for example, we are presented with numerous plausible scientific explanations as to how they happened. What is never brought up as a possibility, is the fact that certain governments have created advancements in technology that enable them to manipulate the weather, which should really render them as immediate suspects whenever a disaster takes place.

On this list of usual suspects is an organisation called HAARP, which stands for ‘High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program’. On the surface we are told that this organisations purpose is to analyse the ionosphere in order to enhance radio communications and surveillance. As a research facility it has a number of advantages including increasing the accuracy of GPS navigation, and advancing techniques of underwater and underground explorations. The disadvantage though, and a considerable one i might add, is that this technology allows the people behind it to manipulate the weather, as well as a list of other rather frightening possibilities.

Lets skip all of the political explanations about “atmospheric research” and focus simply on what the device is and the capabilities of such technology. HAARP is essentially a massive field with loads of radio frequency antennas, and these antennas can manipulate the Earths ionosphere by firing waves of energy in a specific configuration, causing the ionosphere to vibrate. This action causes an extremely low frequency (ELF) signal  to bounce back, penetrating the earths land mass and oceans.

If that explanation went over you’re head, this part won’t. On a very large and dramatic scale, HAARP can theoretically alter the ionosphere so severely that it would dispel it completely, allowing the sun (solar radiation) to burn every living organism on earth to ashes. Okay so perhaps thats not the most useful example of the dangers of HAARP. We can both be sure that this is one of the uses that even the American government would be a bit hesitant to utilize; but the threats get even more interesting.

On the 18th of May 1977 a list of UN countries, including the United States, signed a treaty prohibiting the hostile use of ‘environmental modification techniques’. The Environmental Modification Convention (ENMOD) treaty, formally known as the Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques, is basically an agreement to never use weather manipulation as a form of attack during warfare.

It is probably a wake up call to discover that the possibility of manipulating weather has existed for more than 30 years. Interestingly, since that document was signed, the level of advancement that has been done in the “weather manipulation industry” borders on something you would expect from a star wars movie. HAARP is one of 5 known transmitters of its kind, 2 are located in Alaska and 1 in Puerto Rico – controlled by the American government – 1 is owned by the Russians, and the final one is in Norway, under the control of the EU.

So this is the basic situation. Countries come together and agree to ban weather warfare, then the United States for example, moves forward and develops the greatest weather control techniques known to man; and the expectation is that if there is a war and America is losing, they will refrain from using this technology because they signed a piece of paper saying they wont. I know, its a difficult thought to process without raising at least one eyebrow.

Not only is HAARP now able to create natural disasters at will, but the device can even go as far as being used to control the human mind and create illness and disease.

The human brain is like a computer that works on very low frequencies. When you are thinking you generate 13 or 14 cycles per second, when meditating about 8 cycles, and during sleep we generate 4 cycles per second. By creating a specific magnitude of energy in combination with a certain frequency range and bombarding areas of earth at frequencies the brain operates, HAARP can be used to trigger massive mood swings, change a persons thoughts and emotions, cause disease, hysteria, cancer, genetic alteration or even cardiac arrest.

With technology as powerful as this in the hands of a few people, it really makes you wonder if perhaps certain things shouldn’t even be researched or created in the first place.

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  1. Duncan

    June 6, 2011 at 4:43 pm

    I think there should be a degree of caution when delving into well known conspiracy theories like this one.

    HAARP’s radio transmitters can transmit 3.6MW, an amount only detectable by very sensitive instruments, and certainly not enough to have any effect on the weather.

    During daytime all of the 3.6MW would be destroyed by the innumerable amount of charged particles coming at us from the sun all the time – so to say that HAARP could be used to obliterate all living matter is simply not true. Any damage that HAARP could do to the ionosphere at night would be instantly undone by the sun’s rays in the morning.

    As for causing natural disasters, such a relatively weak transmitter can not possibly have any effect whatsoever on the earth’s massive tectonic plates. It is simply scientifically impossible.

    The HAARP sites are frequently opened to the public, not kept secretly hidden away, as they would be if they were used as secret weapons.

    As for HAARP being used for mind control, once again this is an occasionally peddled conspiracy theory. HAARP is simply not strong enough for anything like that to be possible – and there is no documented evidence that the mind can be controlled by electromagnetic waves. That, I’m happy to say, is the stuff of Sci-Fi films.

    Having said that, it’s good to have these discussions. Keep writing.


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