13 Jul
Daily Pic 26: Daring

Image by DailyPic via Flickr

Believe me when i say i understand your position. Just like me you were born into a  family that believed something. You were taught what to think and shown how you should live your life. You didn’t ask too many questions because at first you had no sense of comparison. As a child your world revolved around what your parents exposed you to, and seeing as they are the greatest influence on a persons life in the early stages, who can blame you for having faith in everything you were told.

As you grow there will come a time in your life when you will question what you believe. It may start from something as simple as the realisation that the tooth fairy, Santa Claus and your parents are all the same person. When you reach this cross road, you will either hang on to what you have believed all your life, or you will reexamine your beliefs because you have heard something that lures you beyond what you believe now.

It is true that this crossroad happens at different times in peoples lives. Some may never even reach this point, as they will remain content with the notion that ignorance is bliss. But there are those that are at the cross road at this very moment, unable to choose a direction because they really don’t understand the meaning behind the road signs.

Daring to understand faith is a series that aims to explore the realm of faith and develop insight into why we believe what we believe. There are thousands of religious institutions, all claiming to have found the truth, yet a lot of their members don’t quite understand their faith, because they didn’t choose it, they were born into it.

I know and i understand what i believe in. Do you?

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