FIRE BOMB – By: Hamidat Popoola

13 Jul
"Fire? What fire?"

Image by OldOnliner via Flickr

Gunfire left a hole in the tank losing gasoline…

Smile babe. You always said my smile made you smile.  I’m smiling boo. Smile with me.

No? Okay babe.

I remember your smile  vividly when you sang me lyrics from LL Cool J’s ‘Love you better’. How ironic. Laugh together, cry together, God willing we gon’ die together.

‘God willing we gon’ die together’? God willing? Well the Most High is willing this. I always believed everything you said. And since you have so much trouble keeping to your sweet nothings and empty promises, I’ll help you stick to them.

God willing, we gon’ die together.

This is a sacrifice to Athena for your sins against love and humanity. You have to repent babe. Please let me help you repent. Your crimes are unheard of and you need to repent.

Did you really have to pick her babe? There are billions and billions of beautiful young women out there and you looked them all over from their perfectly made hair, to their beautiful faces; their succulent boobies and make-em-say-hallelujah asses…and you picked my sister. My sister.

I didn’t do it; you lit the match for me.

She was the most beautiful thing in this world. Exquisite beauty, I recall you saying that about her. I can’t bear to look her in the eye and remind her every single time that I am the reason she will forever have a story to tell. Raped by her sister’s husband. It doesn’t happen babe. I don’t care how crazy the world has become. IT DOES NOT HAPPEN!

Microwaving a metal tragedy…

You took her very essence. You raped it out of her. You didn’t even let her fully understand it. She was just 15. You forced it from her. Snatched it.

I’m taking it. Your very essence. We are going to make an awesome story for the world to tell. I can see the movie titles in bright lights. We will remind them that we were made for each other. You were monster enough to rape my little sister and I was monster enough to kill you. Match made in heaven, no?

I wonder who would make a cooler Halloween costume. Me. Murderers are cooler than rapists. Everyone knows this.

But is it really murder when it can be justified? Is it really?

You could have been a part of a masterpiece

Why panic babe? You are in your best costume. The amazing Armani tux you wore to our wedding, the Audemar Piquet watch I bought you, the lovely Ferragamo shoes, and I even dressed you in the thick warm socks she bought you during Christmas as a joke. You always loved to look your best. But you need to remember why you are being burnt babe. The socks serve as the reminder. I’ve never seen you look better babe. Don’t panic.

Do you still love it babe? My wedding gown? You said it brought out my amazing shape and allowed you to show off what you were ‘getting yourself into. Little did I know what I was getting myself into. I swore at that alter. Till death do us part babe. Tell me, do you still love it?

Please don’t do this. Is that what she said to you when you violated her babe? IS THAT WHAT SHE CRIED TO YOU? How dare you say it back to me? Did you listen to her babe? Did you not ‘do this’? So why do you expect me to not ‘do this’? This, is what you deserve babe. This.

I’m sorry for raising my voice babe. You never liked it when I did that. See, I’m doing this for her babe. With us alive, she would never be able to easily erase the incident from her mind. I don’t want to be a constant reminder of her pain. I can never forgive you for raping her. And I can never forgive myself for introducing you to her. So I raped her too you see. I brought this calamity upon her.

I just wanna set you on fire so I won’t have to burn alone.

People never know when they are about to die. You are lucky you know. You know when, you know how, you even know by whose hand. Two minutes. It’s all you have left.

As we were burning, the world called the police.

Awww babe. The fire is so beautiful; it’s making you cry. Always been a sucker for beauty, haven’t you?

And we’ll burn…nothing would be left but the beautiful flames that will tell the tremendous love story that would put Romeo and Juliet to shame. Prepare to have your name in the history books baby. We’ll be famous!




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3 responses to “FIRE BOMB – By: Hamidat Popoola

  1. Yass

    July 21, 2011 at 7:21 am


    • kid1gidi

      July 25, 2011 at 11:11 am

      I’ll take that as a compliment 🙂

  2. Yimika

    July 24, 2011 at 4:27 pm

    This is very good.


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