09 Aug
London Burning

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It was a loaded gun. The safety was off, and it was cocked and ready for an eager finger to pull the trigger. London town is falling down, and there are no fair ladies in sight.

Let’s face it, its been coming for a long time. It doesn’t take a sociological analyst to see that the English society is a bomb waiting to explode. News reports of how things will “get better” are simply not enough to calm down the impatient flames burning through the nerves of the system. A disease has only one word in mind, “spread”.

Flicking on the TV I am faced with countless reports which all seem to be on the wrong focus. London is on fire and there are a bunch of criminals on the streets creating and reaping from the advantage of chaos.

Granted, there is absolutely no justification for their actions. Setting cars on fire, destroying property and stealing things is wrong, as I am sure most of us will readily agree.

The English government has continuously emphasised this point, and has gone further to assure the people that those responsible will be punished severely for their actions.

In my view the government hasn’t quite got the picture yet.

One of the most popular discussions of all time is the Nature vs Nurture debate.

Some believe that a persons inherent personality has a greater impact on his actions. Others believe that the environment is a much stronger influence.

Personally, I am of the view that there are very few people who have a strong enough personality to always consciously do what they know is right – compared with the masses of people that would rather conform to the immoral norms of society.

On that note when I look at the London situation, I have a pretty different perspective from the focal point of the news.

First of all, the prison punsihment doesn’t work. There isn’t enough space for all of them, and they know this. Most are underage and there is a limit to their sentencing. And the rest don’t even care if they get locked away, because all they do is 2 days, the day they go in, and they day they go out.

You’re dealing with a hardened mentality that has a limited fear and even less respect for the system. There’s us, and there’s them.

“Them” are the ones that cut bugets, increase interest rates and taxes, bump up fuel prices, reduce the chances of people getting an education, and listen in on private conversations so they can be sold to “News of the World”.

“Us” are the powerless victims of these circumstances, and when the cup gets full, any excuse is a good enough one for a backlash.

Granted, they should be held accountable for their actions. But how do you solve a problem without paying attention to why the problem exists?

Is there something wrong with the system? Clearly there is.

In a society where people are taught to care only for themselves and make the most of every opportunity, is it really a surprise to find people who utilise the opportunities that chaos provides?

England is a place where people feel consciously victimised because of race or ethnicity. The authorities abuse their power and hide behind a charade of headlines and news reports. The gap between the rich and the poor is extending and people are getting further and further in debt. There are not enough jobs and the few jobs that are available won’t hire without a degree or work experience. But people can’t get work experience without a job, so they are forced to make do with benefits or minimum wage, and then face the news that it now costs £9,000 a year to go university.

You do the math.

It was a loaded gun. The safety was off, and it was cocked and ready for an eager finger to pull the trigger.
London town is falling down, and there are no fair ladies in sight.





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  1. Me

    August 11, 2011 at 7:05 pm

    I’m still not sure what the cause(s) of the riots was. I did not see anger or frustration on the faces of the rioters, so I’m not sure it has much to do with discontent over inequality or police brutality.

    But I can bet that the its result would continue to be the government playing on the panic of the citizenry and making rules and doing things that they would otherwise condemn. It has already begun- ‘hacking’ into BBM conversations to enable them ‘bring the criminals to book quicker’, raiding the homes of ‘suspects’ and what not.
    I’m tempted to say the government actually loves situations such as these


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