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“Its a beef ting, and man dem wanna come at me like I aint gon do nufink! This aint no joke, what do you fink vis is? Man lookin to lick them if they don quit gassing.”

The anger on the English streets is evident in the language, even though the language itself struggles to find its place in the Oxford dictionary.

When beef roams the streets the only thing it does is get rotten. Young boys think they are men because they carry knives and spend each night looking over their shoulders.

One can’t help but notice the division between black and white. English streets are known for having two breeds of gangster, the darker the shade the darker the side of the story.

In a society where white thinks its cool to be black and black does things without thinking, they are left with an example that isn’t worth the trouble it brings.

Anger isn’t motivated by a just cause, instead it is an opportunistic exertion of pride, and a chance to gain the reputation of being one of the man dem. Bored youths searching endlessly for a sense of importance.

Nigerian gangsters have a different story to tell. They are more a victim of circumstance than on a quest for man hood. You know them when you see them. They have everyday faces, but their complexions have been hardened by experience. I’m sure you have come across one before. The glare in their eyes offers no compromise as they go about doing what Nigerian gangsters do; hustle.

A Nigerian gangster is a man with no address. He doesn’t own a car, but he can sell all your car parts in less than an hour. He rarely carries a gun or a knife, but when a fight breaks out a nearby Coca Cola bottle is his favourite weapon of choice.

He has no regard for his appearance. The money he makes comes and goes on alcohol, cigarettes, women and a few carefully rolled portions of “igbo”.

He lives each day like its his last; recognising that there is little he can do but accept the lifestyle that was presented to him by society.

The important question to ask is “why are there gangsters in the first place?”

Is it an inherent function of their personality, or are they really just a product of society?


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  1. ebro

    August 9, 2011 at 7:05 pm

    an interesting piece.. I think th answer to your question lies your write up.. Like you rightly said.. Gangsters in Nigeria are ‘victims’ of circumstances.. NOBODY will deliberately choose to be one in Nigeria, no matter th level of street cred that comes wit it.. But it appears in th UK it appears cool to be one, to act hard.. At th end of th day, you still get food to eat, shelter over your head etc..


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