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MURDER BY MEDIA 3: A Charismatic Obama VS An Evasive Osama

Bin laden

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Once again good triumphs over evil. The face of terror that has haunted the world for 10 years has finally been destroyed. Through the smoke filled mist emerges an all American Hero. The star of the moment, whose decisive actions led to a victory that will forever be recorded in the books of history.

Lets take a moment to pause for effect.

I woke up this morning to discover that most of the world was awake before i was. The popular choice of conversation was the relief that Osama had finally been found, and he had been killed by US forces. So i did what every news curious individual would do, and i began reading different reports of the story from various websites.

The thoughts that came to me as i read and listened to accounts of this epic battle were not those of relief or even ofa vague sense of excitement. Only 5 words came to mind – “This is a joke, right?”

They have been looking for this guy for 10 years. The whole world blames him for a long list of hideous crimes, and we have archives of videos that show him having the nerve to boast about his actions. He is the number 1 guy on Americas most wanted list…….. and the only proof of his death is a statement by Obama, blood on a floor, a destroyed building, and a few pictures of a burnt American helicopter?

Seriously, this is a joke right?

The most wanted terrorist in the world, didn’t die in a cross fire or bombing. He was surprised, apprehended, executed and thrown into the sea.

At no point did anyone think to pull out a mobile phone and take his picture. Noone thought that there was a need to have him tried for his actions, like Sadaam was; and no one was even curious to know exactly what he had to say about his alleged crimes. He was executed in cold blood, and the justification of this is the fact that he was responsible for the loss of so many lives, that he did not even deserve a chance to explain himself.

But wait!

He did however deserve to be buried in a manner that is in line with islamic practice and tradition, which conveniently means that his body will never be seen; and the only verification of his death is the current hype being made by the media.

Lets just take a moment of reflection.

The only reason why Osama Bin Laden is blamed for the acts of 911 is because there are a number of videos with him ‘admitting’ to these actions. The American government at the time convinced us that these videos could not have been fakes, because of his location and the mention of current affairs, showing that the videos were recently made.

Above is an amateur video of a guy in an Osama Bin Laden costume.

He looks like Osama, he is in a desolate location, and he has made mention of a few current affairs. Conclusion – He is Osama.

You’re right, its a pretty dumb conclusion to make. Yet we have believed this story presented by a government that has enough technological capabilities to fake a moon landing!

Months before Bhutto was assassinated, she conducted an interview where knowingly or unknowingly she let it slip that Osama Bin Laden was “already dead”.

That was said 3 years ago, by a woman who was later assassinated primarily because of what she knew and the impact she could have on her people.

As always, the news of Osama’s death comes with impeccable timing. With Obama’s popularity subsiding just before the election year, and with Donald Trump having the nerve to question his birth certificate, there was a need to shake things up a bit. George Bush won an entire election based on his ‘war on terror’, so this isn’t even an unfamiliar tactic. Obama just might have saved his presidency by this heroic expedition.

American soldiers are constantly praised and applauded for any of their heroic achievements, yet surprisingly on this occasion the soldiers who bravely killed the most wanted man alive are seemingly camera shy, and have gone without a single mention, leaving Obama to take all the credit.

Does anyone else see Obama getting a complimentary second term over this incident? I guess that goes without saying.

In the meantime while we are in awe of royal weddings and the killing of America’s most wanted; the men who know whats’s really going on smile down at us and say, “that should keep them busy for a while”.

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Muammar al-Gaddafi at the 12th AU summit, Febr...

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As usual the US and British governments take serious actions when it comes to protecting and saving the lives of innocent people. Barrack Obama has categorically said that Gaddafi will be held accountable for every single life that he has taken in his bid to retain his presidency. So what is the solution you ask? Ill tell you. Obama proposes to equip the rebels with sophisticated weaponry so that the Libyan‘s can regain control over their country by, you guessed it, killing more people.

So who will hold the “developed countries” responsible for these inevitable new additions to the death toll? One cannot help but wonder why countries such as England and the United states cannot take a neutral stand point on issues that are not their countries concern.

In this day and age it seems as though it is okay to kill, as long as you are wearing the right uniform.

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