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Andris Zéta

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I’m home now. Its much colder than it was on the inside but yum yum and smiley keep me nicely wrapped up. I think they really like me.

Yum yum put something on my head to keep me warm when we were on the way home, she called it a hat. She won’t let me wear it at home though because my little body let’s excess heat go out that way.

They seem to know a lot of things about me, even better than I know myself. I can barely see what they look like half the time unless they are really close to my face. Everything is a bit blurry at the moment, I hope that changes.

For some reason I don’t have much control over my self. I can’t even turn my head when I want to, and there’s things attached to my body that I can’t use. I hope it doesn’t stay like this, cause I want to be able to be able to move around like Yum yum and Smiley.

Today Yum yum says I’m going to have my first bath to get rid of the vernix casoesa. She sounds excited so I’m sure it will be fun.

“Waaaaaah! Waaaaaaah! Waaaaaah!”

What’s going on? What are they doing to me?

“Waaaah! Waaaaah! Waaaaah!”

I’ve decided I have mixed feelings about this bath affair. One minute I feel ok and the next my body starts shaking. Smiley says I need to be clean and were going to do this everyday. Yum yum agrees. I hope everyday is a long time away. I never had to do that on the inside.





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Newborn child, seconds after birth. The umbili...

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“Waaaaaaaaahhhhhh! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!  Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!”

I screamed because i was in an unfamiliar place. It was brighter than usual. Even though my eyes were tightly closed i could sense the difference through the back of my eyelids, and i could feel it too. My once constricted and moist surroundings had been replaced by an unpleasant feeling that made me tremble. I’m not so sure i’m gonna like it here.

I had been preparing for this moment for 9 months. I had even spent the last quarter of that time upside down, having to deal with sudden forceful movements that disturbed me when i was trying to get some sleep. You might wonder why my vocabulary is so good, but seeing as i never wrote this i won’t have to bother with too much of an explanation. The running commentary in my head you see here should suffice for now.

I opened my eyes slowly and closed them back again.

“Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! Waaaaaaaaah! Waaaaaaaahhhh!”

I screamed some more as i felt a weird sensation take hold of my mid region. I felt strangely alone and disconnected. I didn’t like this new feeling and something needed to be done about it now.


The sounds i could hear in between my screams calmed me down ever so slightly, as i recognized them from back when i was on the inside. My body had stopped trembling because there was something wrapped around me and i could feel a radiating heat coming from a person who seemed to be pulling me close.


My indignant shout was cut short as felt my mouth latch on to something soft and succulent. It seemed to be attached to one of those familiar voices. I like.


What is this strange fluid that is slowly making its way down my insides? It was warm and tasty. It started off a bit watery, but as i sucked it became thick and creamy. Yum. Yes, That is what i shall call this new source of sustainance. Yum. MMMM, actually make that two Yums.

I sucked on Yum Yum until i felt heavy and tired. She could tell i had stopped and so she slowly detached from her sweet splendour. I gingerly opened my eyes as i was passed to another person. There are certainly a lot more people here than on the inside.

I’m tired now though, and this soothing movement from side to side feels nice. I closed my eyes once more and thought back to the days when i was on the inside. This place might not be so bad after all.





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